World Submarine

World Submarine is a photoblog and book of street portraits and interviews collected on the streets of Glasgow and Baku.

"There are lots of versions of me. The public one is an angry rabble-rousing controversial lawyer. I would hope that when people meet me they would realise there is a pleasant side to me. I always get told you never smile and you always look angry. But quite a lot of the stuff I do would make most people angry. It is not the sort of stuff you can go on the TV and smile about." 

Aamer Anwar

"Scotland does things differently from the rest of the UK; here we welcome asylum seekers, recognise the skills they bring and the contribution they can make to our society, and make an effort to help them to integrate with the rest of the community." 

Humza Yousaf

“Scotland is a place having a conversation with itself about what it can be. It’s a mature conversation not rooted in utopian idealism but in what we can practically do to change our communities for the better. About who has power, who should wield it.” 

Robert J. Somynne

"It's no secret that football has historically been a male-dominated sport. Whilst the number of women attending football fixtures has most definitely increased, we’re still the in the minority. It is important that we are visible and our needs are recognised. It cannot be ignored that at the heart of this move is the knowledge that, as the price of sanitary products increase, not all self-identifying women and girls can afford them."

Erin Slaven

"We don't have answers to everything but imagination makes everything possible."

David Parada Perez

"Most people forgot where they came from and do not know their objectives in life. There's more to life than money, career and fame. People need to find their purpose in life to find happiness." 

Vugar Bashirov

"If you are going to Belfast, you should do Black Taxi Tour. It's a tour that brings you through both sides of community and gives you true stories." 

Orlaith Duffy

"While competing in Muay Thai I've realised your biggest opponent is yourself, mind and body. I've been battling ulcerative colitis since I was 16, I had a tough time dealing with the disease for over 10 years. I was struggling with depression along with my symptoms worsening. I exhausted all medical options available to me so in June 2016 I made the decision to have my bowel removed. When I look back surgery was the best thing that happened it gave me my life back. The support of my family, friends and medical teams at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and Gartnavel Hospital were all critical in me getting through this fight."

Vikas Sharma

"Glasgow is more than a football city, it's a twilight zone for visiting teams."


"Achievement has no color."

Graham Campbell

"It's very apt that we are standing on Hope Street. There's not much of it left since the referendum. I am overwhelmingly disappointed in the outcome for Scotland. The future with Westminster is terrifying. In 20 years I will proudly tell my children I voted YES and stood for a movement that could have changed their lives. We had a chance to show Westminster that we are not puppets in their play of power. However this country is a democratic one. The majority decided. We are an amazing country who prides itself on our friendliness, passion and sense of community. We will just have to keep our heads held high and wait for the storm which will inevitably come." 

Katie Morag

"– Do you want full body or half body shot?
– Do it half. I'm half zombie anyways." 


"Character, like a photograph, develops in darkness." 


"True friends are never apart...maybe in distance but never in heart."

Dafni Gyftaki

"My mum died in June this year after a long battle with cancer. We knew for just over a year that she’d die. So I thought I was prepared for grief. I thought I had used the time to get myself ready and to get myself in the right headspace for it. I knew to expect the crying and missing her and all of that. But there’s no way to really prepare yourself. There’s no way to prepare yourself for thinking, at times, that your sanity is slipping away." 

Christopher Graham

"I like airports. For their mix of smells of parfums, coffee and adventures." 

Samira Hasanova

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